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Lv. 1Edit

Quest Title Goal Area Time Fee Reward Notes
A True Foe- The Giadrome Hunt The Giadrome Snowy Mountains (Day) 50 Mins 100z 1200z
Reckless Bulldrome Hunter Hunt The Bulldrome Snowy Mountains (Night) 50 Mins 100z 1500z
A Pack Of Blangos Slay 15 Blangos Snowy Mountains (Day) 50 Mins 100z 900z
Mountain Herb Picking Deliver 20 Mountain Herbs Snowy Mountains (Night) 50 Mins 100z 900z
Rarest Of The Rare Beasts Hunt The Congalala Jungle (Night) 50 Mins 150z 1800z
Hunt The Rare Forest Congas! Slay 15 Congas Jungle (Day) 50 Mins 100z 900z
A Mushroom Goldrush Deliver 20 Special Mushrooms Jungle (Day) 50 Mins 100z 900z
The Land Shark Hunt The Cephadrome Desert (Night) 50 Mins 100z 1800z
The Gaint Enemy Crab Hunt The Diamyo Hermitaur Desert (Day) 50 Mins 100z 2100z
The Lady Gourmet Deliver 8 Piscine Livers Desert (Day) 50 Mins 100z 900z

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